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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

SQL Server 2008 and Intellisense

I thought I was losing my mind for a few minutes this AM as I was having trouble getting Intellisense to kick in for part of my query.  I kept getting ‘Invalid Object Name’ errors on some of my table and columns, but it didn’t seem consistent at first.

I quickly realized that new tables and columns we’re getting picked up by the engine.  I closed my query window, started a new one and tried again.  No love.

So I closed SSMS and opened it back up…worked a treat.  So I said to myself it must be caching somewhere…and off to Google I went.

Apparently not a new problem, a post existed already on the MSDN forums. So I spin up SSMS again to use the Edit->Intellisense->Refresh Local Cache and *Bam* …not there.

At first, anyways.  You can only get at the Intellisense when a query editor is open.  My mind went straight there as I am completely on board with context.  Love it.

Here are the commands you’ll find in that menu:

  • List Members  (Control + J)
  • Complete Word (Alt + Right Arrow)
  • Parameter Information (Control + Shift + Space)
  • Quick Info (Control-K + Control-I, this is a chord)
  • Refresh Local Cache (Control + Shift + R)

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