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Monday, April 6, 2009

Land Survey

Today's big effort was mostly in identifying the equipment that is here on the network...and a little bit of starting to imagine what we can do with it.

The call centre is obviously going to be a big component, as is knocking down the average install time.  These two are releated in a number of ways, as each related role creates work for the other and/or relies on information from the other role (CSR and installers, that is).

I found a couple of great libraries that I can use to talk to some of our gear. A co-worker -- who has great expertise in the Asterisk VOIP solution here -- and I worked through connecting to the administrative console and poking around with a few of the commands.  Pretty cool to be able to start a phone call with just the following:
Manager.Action.OriginateAction origAction = new OriginateAction();
origAction.Channel = "SIP/619";
origAction.CallerId = "Jimminey MC";
origAction.Context = "DialPlan1";
origAction.Priority = 1;
origAction.Exten = "SIP/800";
origAction.Timeout = 30000;

Still have to dive deeper, but we've got a good basis for an integration path now and are really excited about that.

I have a trial for Dart's SNMP library and will be playing with that over the next few days to see if it's the right library to leverage.  Collecting MIBs over the next few days to prove that out.

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