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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Road Trip

We went up to visit the North head-end for the network today, where most traffic monitoring and shaping takes place.  Pretty cool setup, the office has about 20 displays and a myriad of computers, routers, access to VMs, RDP sessions all over the place, and waaaaaay too much ICMP traffic using up screen real estate IMnsHO.

Closed the door to a couple of APIs that we were looking at yesterday and made some requests to have the DNS records updated as well today, and we got our hands on a Fortinet 100 that should give us some added protection for our production servers.  Really need to get them out of the DMZ.

My first production defect came across the wire today, as well, and I got to address some data model issues that were 'breaking' a query.  A deeper look at the MySql model that was created raises some concern for expandability and maintainability, but we've got carte blanche to start over here.  The previous developer revealed the other day that the system was composed of endless layers of band-aids added over the years to meet the then-current needs.

I'm on the verge of establishing a game-plan here and the work is pretty exciting.  I don't have the years of back-thought on this project and how it came to be, but there are some pretty good people here -- and some that are still in touch -- that can back fill those stories for me and get this thing moving in the right direction.

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