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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Time to Move On

I'm starting to chart a new course - still in software development, but trying to focus more on a couple of technologies in particular: Asp.Net MVC framework and the NuGet open source package manager.

As well, I'm going to start sharing my development experiences with other developers and aspiring developers at conferences, workshops and user group meetings.

You'll be able to find my new ramblings at my new site: which will be created with the open source Orchard project.

After being with Blogger for so many years (since 2003, I think?) it will be fun to be working on a new blog engine that is extensible and on the same platform that I develop on (.Net).

Thanks to the many 1000s of you who come here each month, dozens who leave comments and to those of you who have asked questions, made corrections or sent me towards resources I had otherwise overlooked.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Canadians Pay for Music

…but you have to let us at it.

In 2010 Canadians purchased 31.5 million albums.  Folks, that’s darn near the equivalent of one CD per person in the country.

I’m guessing the average album would have sold around the $10 mark.  A digital music store would have taken $3.33 of that.

I hate to continually flog the Zune folks here, but I fail to understand how there is absolutely NO UPDATE or additional information of music in the Zune Marketplace. I started following a few threads in the forums and it seems there is a rising level of frustration, more with the fact that there are no straight answers.

Like I’ve previously said, tell me who the hold up is, and I’d be happy to chase resolution.

This is a market worth 1/3 of a billion dollars, and one that will continue to grow when Canadians have access to reasonable digital content from multiple competitors at a fair price.