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Monday, April 27, 2009

Adventures in SNMP

I have been working with Dart’s PowerSNMP library today and have had some limited success.  Most of the examples that they have are fairly grandiose…that is, my intent is to have these little one-off commands that are easily executed by a user with little-to-no experience in administering network equipment.

Our Helpdesk guys are using a myriad of complex (or at least cumbersome) tools; my goal is to equip them with simpler interfaces so they can do their real work, i.e., helping the customer.

Where the Dart tools fall short is in the fact that there are very few ‘simple’ starters.  They have these big project templates that are very dynamic and have great user interfaces for folks that are in a discovery and administration role. 

I’m coming at it from an entirely different approach: we know the exact devices that we want to talk with, and we know exactly what we want to say.

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