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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Production Planning

Today was a whirlwind of trying to figure out all the jazz we are going to need in our production environment.  Though not immediately necessary, we need to align as best as possible with our dev environment early so as not to run into headaches later.

Everything in dev will be virtualized, so it should be straightforward to move to prod when the equipment gets here.

I spent a good hour or so fighting to get Virtual Server 2005 R2 running on Vista Business (both at SP1).

If you run into a ton of authentication errors there are two main things to try out:

  1. Run IE in administrator mode.  Right-click –> Run As… from the desktop (or a short cut) and setup a bookmark so you can hit the admin site more easily.
  2. Make sure the virtual server is bound to all IP addresses.

Without those two tricks you’re bound to have a difficult time getting virtualization running under Vista and managing the VMs successfully.

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