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Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Day

New job, new blog, great first day.

While I was employed to architect and develop the new management system for the company, I have also been charged with getting some basic security configured.

After a quick inventory, there are about 30 touch points that need to be addressed from a security standpoint; we'll tackle those tomorrrow.

The system that I'll be replacing has a lot of manual process. The core of the beast was developed pre-2000 and was actively added to for several years.  Over the last little while it has mostly been band-aids that have been used to patch it up and tweak it to meet changing needs.

It is a MySQL/ASP (classic) solution...and it's on a failing server, if not a server that is at end-of-life.

Great team here, good mindset, lots of equipment and high expectations.  Should be a blast.

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