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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Big day today as far as wins go on the data side of things.

I scratched through the old model several times scouring for the essentials and finding the broken parts.  I talked to several of the longer-standing employees about what parts of the system are important to maintain, which ones are high priority to move and which can be dropped.

I don’t yet have image space set up for this blog…I was wanting to post an image of my much-improved RefCode model that I’ve been hacking away with for the last number of years.

By normalizing all typing data we can better utilize a cache and never have to go to the DB for the simple list lookups.  This clouds some other processes (such as when you want to bypass/clear the cache) but also allows for very simple grouping and mapping between codes.

It is in the grouping bits that I made some great strides and will post soon what approach I took.

The predominant theme in the app will be feed consumption a la Twitter so I did a bunch of research on that as well.  Some great resources exist for Twitter architecture and it’s very easy to scale that back and trim down to what we need (don’t need to scale to 100,000 simultaneous requests here, just…maybe…four?).

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