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Friday, May 15, 2009

SQL Server Management Studio Request

A feature I would love to see in SSMS would be the ability to write plug-ins – a little more easily – that would allow developers to hook-up templates and actions to objects on the design surface.

As an example, here’s a shot of a couple of selected tables (from a throw-away sample…don’t mind the conventions!):

tables from the designer

When I right-click on these tables, I would like to invoke an action/template that could start some code generation.  Much like right-clicking on a table in the Object Explorer allows you to Script Table –> INSERT to –> Clipboard, I would like to be able to setup a template that allowed for more complicated code to be generated.

Here’s one that I would do: create a multi-insert stored proc template that took n tables as parameters.  When invoked, it would create a stored procedure that would take care of things like inserting the parameters (while omitting the identity columns), ordering the inserts to satisfy relationships, storing SCOPE_IDENTITY() into locally declared vars as it works, etc.

There’s still too much grunt work in creating stored procs.  Dunno, maybe I’m just too lazy ;o)

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