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Friday, May 15, 2009

More People Getting Access to OneNote

Every time I flip open a copy of OneNote and jot something down, or paste in a screenie or to take some notes (or any one of the endless things I do in OneNote) someone asks me what software that is and I am floored that they aren’t already using it.

I’m actually (unreasonably) waiting for a commission cheque from Microsoft as an independent OneNote evangelist. I’m probably good for Gold Partner status. ;o)

Anyways, the Office 2010 IT Blog has confirmed that OneNote will now be included as part of the suite that volume licence (pro, anyways) Office users get.  This is great, because most people that I know who use Office do just that: they use it.  They don’t install it, or download templates, or administer patches, or likely even register.  So they would never be on the Office site and they would never be exposed to OneNote.

This is a great piece of software – my favourite feature being the password protected pages – and something that I think you should start using.  Really, it has put an end to the randomly scattered ToDo.txt files on my machine, and if all the other gains were lost, that would still be a win worth obtaining!

Also on Office, check out the Office 2010 movie site (what?!) for a hilarious, over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek approach to introducing the next version of the software that everyone claims to hate but uses 4 hours a day.

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