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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Like My Puter

I am running IIS, SQL Server, four virtual machines, four instances of visual studio, MS SQL Server Management Studio, four explorer windows, Expression Blend, six copies of IE, Word, Excel, Outlook and 43…YES forty-three copies of Chrome.  There also a couple of Notepads running as well as some task tray utilities and, obviously, I’ve got my blog writer open.

Physical memory usage is at 36% and CPU usage is hovering between 3-6%. Up time is 7 days, 20 hours, there’s 115 processes running and 1581 threads.

This beast is responsive, compiles are quick, Start+Tab application switching is lightning quick.

I love Vista 64.


  1. Alright... what's the specs behind this beast?

  2. its a dual multi-core processor with 8Gb RAM and not much else. there's a nice little 256Mb video card in there, but everything else is integrated on the board. mirrored drives help for startup speed, i'm sure...

  3. I can't think of much that wouldn't run well on that set-up.