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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Wishlist #3

There are two things I am looking forward to in a big way, but not on my wish list (because these will be realized for sure):

  1. The upgrade to HSPA+ in my area, and,
  2. The Windows Phone 7 first update.

I’ll get to my wish list in a moment.

I am stuck on the Edge service network because of my locale. The towers were upgraded months ago, but one of the partners in the carrier network (not mine) have equipment and services and software older than bunk and they can’t flip the switch until everyone’s ready. This is going to happen in days and I can’t wait until I’m pulling down 7Mbps on my phone.

I have a Samsung device and have not yet received the update. I’m not sure if it’s a candidate thing, or a rolling update thing, or even if my carrier is blocking it (I’ve heard all three) but I am looking forward to the pre-update update that is currently in the works, especially as it paves the way for The-Big-One in the next few weeks.

I wondered here if my carrier might be blocking the update, but I don't think that could really be the case. The phone checks for updates, likely directly to a WP7 service, and the device itself is updated through the Zune software on PC.

Here’s My List

  • I would like a way to search my text messages. This is present in mail, so it seems like it’s not too far fetched in texts. I had someone text me the phone number of my friend ‘Mike’, but I couldn’t remember who sent it to me. The text was something like “Hey Mike’s new cell is…” so I should have been able to find it fairly easily.
  • I would like an editor for my alarms and ring tones. Build it into Zune, or make a Windows Live ZuneTone application that you can download and make your own ringtones and alarms. Let me set cues for vibration. Let me shift pitch and even layer multiple audio tracks. Let me share it through Zune or Live or something with my friends.
  • A first-party, no frills sound recorder. The same level of function as the one built in to Windows 7. In fact, I would love it if I could also use the audio jack as a line in to record. I volunteer on a regular basis and work the sound board (or at least help) and I hate lugging around a laptop to record the audio.
  • Because I feel as strongly as I do about this, I’m going to say it again: Canadians want to pay for their content. Please make Zune Pass available in Canada. If this plea doesn’t work, I’m going to track down folks at MIX11 and talk to them in person! ;o)

I have a couple of other items on my list, as mentioned previously:

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