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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Wishlist

I have the Samsung Focusand am quite happy with the phone.  I’ve been using it for just about a week.  The device is the device and can’t change; it’ll be what I use for the next two years or so unless WP8 comes out and I can get a hardware upgrade.

However, this is still a first-generation iteration and there is room for improvement. Here are some things that I would like to see as far as changes to the platform go:

  • Give Canadians Zune Music in the Marketplace, as well as Zune Pass.
  • Build a way to keep the elegance of differentiation with email account notifications (on the lock screen) but unify the inbox. I am going to prototype what I would like to see here.  I want just one email tile on my home screen.
  • Copy and paste, as well as better cursor placement.
  • Let Canadian customers buy music in the Zune Marketplace, and let us purchase a Zune Pass.
  • I want a first-party app for Live Messenger that runs in the background and runs as quickly as email and text messenging.
  • Enable uploads for video to my Live account, Facebook and YouTube.  Give me an easy way to share (like, “Post to YouTube and Share on Facebook”).  Give me the option to only do this when I’m on WiFi (but to queue it when I’m not).
  • Finally, make music from Zune available for purchase to Canadian customers (and enable Zune Passes in Canada, while you’re at it!).

The first update to WP7 is rumored to be coming in the next few weeks.  I am looking forward to seeing what on my list makes the cut.

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