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Friday, April 16, 2010

They Must Be Listening!

I recently posted on how obscure I thought it was to be putting files on the Windows 7 jump list for Visual Studio 2010.  After all, no one works on ‘files’, we work on Solutions, or at least Projects.

I actually counted the files I worked on yesterday: 44.  That would be one big (meaningless) jump list!

Jumping Reloaded

imageThankfully, Microsoft heard my pleas. 

Now, I can’t take all the credit – I was not the one who coded the changes – but I can at least take most of the credit.  I’m sure no one else in the world mentioned this!

I had to use my artistic abilities, once again, to make it clear how I felt about the way jump lists were implemented in the release version of Visual Studio 2010.

I will make signed copies available of both the “Bad” and “Good” artwork for a minimum contribution of $400 USD via PayPal.


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