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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unicorns and Rainbows – StackOverflow April Fool’s Joke

Not bad, guys, not bad.

I was taken aback a little today when I logged into StackOverflow and started surfing around. I asked a question and noticed my profile image had changed.

To a unicorn with rainbows.

I ended up going on a bit of a hunt as I wanted to correct the image as quickly as possible. I’m not really into rainbows and especially not unicorns.

I went to Gravatar and couldn’t remember my log in. A password reset later, and, sure enough, my existing profile image was there.

I headed back to StackOverflow and, remembering the date, started clicking on profiles. Nice.

image image image image

I totally fell for the prank. I actually thought there was some kind of copyright thing or something because I look so much like Brad Pitt and maybe they thought I was using one of his profile pictures…

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