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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Now I’ve Heard of Vendors Not Playing Nicely Together…

…but this is ridiculous!

This is what happens to a can of Pepsi if you put it in a portable Coke refrigerator:


The Pepsi can exploded behind me in my office.  It blew the door open on the fridge and sprayed all over the contents of the cooler, the latch mechanism and the into the seals.  The carpet had nearly a full can of Pespi soaked into it in about 2 seconds.  The fridge door is now quite hard to open, even after repeated washings.  I even used soap.

Embarrassingly enough, I nearly ended up flat on my back on the floor.  I was startled (it was a lot louder than you would think) and I nearly rolled off the exercise ball I use as a chair.

What made the Coca-Cola refrigerator detonate a can of Pepsi? Was it malicious anti-competitive measures?

Well, that would certainly be a more interesting story. Sadly there is no blue versus red to report here.  But do heed my experience-born advice: when using a portable refrigerator and storing carbonated beverages, ensure the operating switch on the back is set to “Cool” and not “Heat”.

Unless, of course, you are trying to blow the door off with an exploding can of boiling Pepsi.


  1. Hey James, I hear that you can also put a can of pop in the microwave to keep it cool... just make sure you put it on for an hour or so, and video tape it!

  2. definitely going to give that a try.

    i'll let you know how it goes on my new blog,