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Monday, November 23, 2009

Talking Shop with Scott Guthrie

I’m in an online session right now in the LIDNUG group with Scott Guthrie who is answering questions related to PDC announcements, ASP.Net and Silverlight. 


I asked him about a couple of things, here are his responses:

  1. Will there be better tooling for ASP.NET MVC 2 Areas in the IDE?
    1. Yes, some of those tools were released with the last bits and Scott has a blog post coming up on that soon.
  2. The level-of-depth for the Nerd Dinner MVC example was great for beginners, but we don’t all need that level of depth for MVC 2.  For the next version can there be a walkthrough for people with more development experience?
    1. Yes, in an upcoming blog post Scott is going to do a feature walkthrough, highlighting what is important and why in MVC 2 without the introductory-level code bits.

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