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Friday, November 6, 2009

A Little Too Hot

Thankfully our servers didn’t suffer the same fate as the folks down under at Designwyse (the picture links to a Gizmodo article), but we came into the imageoffice this morning to find our server room A/C unit blowing hot air.  Ouch.

Most of our internal network was limping and we had general connectivity problems, VOIP issues, etc.  General yuck stuff you have to deal with.

The UPSs were failing, all the Dell server equipment we had was shutting itself off (overheating preventative measure) and our chassis temperatures were all over 50°C (that’s over 120°F) and alarms were sounding.  The room is 12x10 with about over 50 servers in it.  The metal on the racks was hot to touch.

Methinks the redesign on the server room and A/C upgrades planned for early next year might be getting bumped up in time frame…

Of interest, our Big Bertha that handles virtualization did a great job.  She’s taken over 20 machines on board (most physical-to-virtual conversions) and I can’t imagine how how it would have been in there if there were another 20 machines running.  It could have been disastrous.

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