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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

…and Vista Vanishes

The last computer in my life not running Windows 7 is my primary development machine.  Today, in approximately 49 minutes, that’s all about to change:


I’m actually only going to be running this for a while…this machine is SO old school…at least six months old! 

The order for my new beast of a machine is off to Dell:

  • i7 quad core processor – this is rated FOUR TIMES faster than my current processor config.  Nice.
  • 8Gb Ram
  • 1TB hard drive on Raid 0
  • Windows 7…huzzah!
  • 1Gb graphics with 2xDVI output plus two USB video adapters, which I need for the…
  • Dell 21.5” multi-touch monitor…huzzah!  …along with the other three monitors tied to my system: 24” Wide, and 2x19” 4:3

So, this computer (now a mere 43 minutes away from Win7) will only serve me for a few weeks in a primary capacity.  Then it gets nuked for a clean OS install for the next owner.

We’re also very close to deploying our new NAS solution which will give me 6TB on raid 5 with 100MB/sec (yes, full gigabit transfer rates, woot!) just an IP address away. 

Ah…to be a geek!

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