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Friday, June 19, 2009

Fat32? Still? Seriously?

Just ran into another deployment problem.

I went to publish a demo project to a live production server that was set up about two years ago.  The machine is fairly mid-level for its era.  It is running Server 2K3.

And its system drive is formatted as Fat32.

So back to the deployment problem.  I went to deploy and, after getting everything setup (host headers, created application, test app memory pool, virtual directory) in IIS I attempted to publish. 

No go.  No Front Page extensions.

So I download the bits and try to install…no go.  Must install on an NTFS partition.  Crap.

Now I’m left with the decision to either try to upgrade the drive to NTFS or setup an FTP account.  Eck.  But it’s a production server and there is exactly zero hit on running FTP.

Username, password, home directory all configured and slamming the project up on good’ole port 21…

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