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Monday, January 4, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Command Prompt

If you don’t do a full installation on Visual Studio 2010 (I’m on Beta 2 at the time of this posting) then you may not get the Visual Studio Command Prompt which loads up with all the environment variables needed to run framework applications and tools from the command line.

Thankfully, it’s easy to fix.

Grab the Beta 2 Web installer and run the Add or Remove Features command.


Next, drill into Visual C++ and select the compilers and tool option.


The web installer will have to go off and grab some bits from the Microsoft servers.  At my desk I am pulling down the package at 1178 KB/second (did I mention I like where I sit heheh). 

Go get a coffee. ;o) Your work at this point is pretty much done and it’ll take a bit for the download/install.

OK out of the install dialogue and you’re done!


Your Visual Studio 2010 command prompt should now be available from the Start Menu.

A Separate Tool?

I’m hoping in the final build that the Command Prompt is a separate option in the installer, broken out from the very large 2GB chuck that C++ is.  I guess in the grander scheme of things that 2GB is a trivial amount of space (a vendor gave us thumb drives of that size for Christmas), and if I wanted to I could rig up the environment variables myself.  Even still, all the work’s been done and an option in the installer would at least save the 2GB download.

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