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Friday, January 15, 2010

Updating the Stack

Another reason you should definitely participate in the beta cycle of the software you use: early access to builds.

Participating in a beta doesn’t mean downloading and installing the software.  It doesn’t even mean that, plus using it.  If you’re going to participate, instead of just observe, you need to get your hands dirty.

Go into the forums.  Blog about issues. Read the developer posts on their respective blogs.  Watch the videos. Read the documentation.  You can’t possibly do all that and not run into something you have a question about.

I had a few.  Actually, more than a few.  So I asked. Microsoft responded and the feedback loop began.  I’ve submitted multiple minidumps and perf logs to the team, logged defects and got involved in the forums as best I could.

Today, I get this:


Woohoo!  New bits!  The download link actually takes me to the January LCTP 3 build, released earlier this week.

Looking forward to the performance updates…

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