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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Silverlight Firestarter Event – Afternoon Session

Janete Perez is about to start the presentation on SketchFlow…hoping this is a deep dive.


Primary use of SketchFlow is to have cost-effective prototypes that allow feedback, evolution. 

Janete is rockin’ a cool walkthrough for a deep-zoom conceptual application.  Some pre-work done before the session, but nothing we haven’t already seen, so not too much of a cheat.


Samples of the controls styled with ‘sketch’ styling.

After the sketchflow player is uploaded a manager (or whomever) can annotate and export their comments/markings to send back to you.  Here is the export in progress:


You can extract common elements and reuse by converting them to user controls, where you can add additional functionality which propagates through to the rest of the app.


Stories for importing external resources, such as PhotoShop are strong. Import tool gives options for multi-layering or merged layers from doc to a single layer in Blend.  Transparency, paths, etc, supported.


The process goes back-and-forth from developer to previewer with feedback loop built into the player.  Adding behaviours now to the prototype to make it more functional.  Plays perfectly to the concept of having a prototype that can evolve.


Not fully sold on the idea of having a prototype evolve into a product, and not clear on how this would work in an agile story where we are continually doing things with iterative development.

Have to sign off for the day…watch it all live at:

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