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Friday, July 10, 2009

Refactoring Woes

I just ran into a problem that was very hard to source related to refactoring class names in Visual Studio 2008.  The error I started getting was as follows:

The name 'InitializeComponent' does not exist in the current context.

I didn’t start to get this error until after I restarted Visual Studio. Also of note is that I run Blend and Visual Studio side-by-side, so it added some extra “what happened?” to the situation.

I was working in a WPF application and moving some classes around into various namespaces.  I had both VS and Blend 2 open at the time and after a build (which compiled and ran just fine) I switched over to Blend, which prompted me to reload the project (which I did).  At that point, I started getting three or more errors for each user control and view in my project.

I quit Blend without saving, thinking that it just crapped out hard for some unknown reason.

Visual Studio then prompted me to reload the project, which I did – reluctantly – and everything still compiled okay.  I thought that fixed the previous (non-descript) errors, but a clean & rebuild killed the project (80+ errors again).

The problem ended up being a problem with the refactoring.  Some of the classes were renamed/moved to the new namespaces, but only some, and all the Xaml partial classes were left in half-baked states. 

If you run into this, I suggest a manual approach rather than a find-and-replace as quick action in that regard might lead to further complications (I have on occasion gotten into trouble with a quick finger on the rename trigger).

After finding the 6 or so classes that were only halfway renamed the project healed itself fairly quickly.

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